A room with a view

It’s 4:30 in the morning, I drew back the curtains. Oh the starry night! How beautiful it is to look at the sky, I wish this night never ends. I continue to enjoy the dark starry night turning into the crimson twilight sky and it feels amazing to watch the sunrise.
The sunlight beautifying the nature and making a way through trees into my room going straight to my bed, and there I see the most beautiful view ever!
The tense look she gave as the sunlight reaches her. No, I can’t let the sunlight do this and I have to block it’s way. Now, I look at her sleeping so peacefully. She is so vulnerable, so soft. Her red lips are complementing the red roses outside. Her innocence is dancing to the gentle tweets of birds. I look outside the window, the green trees dwelling these birds which are welcoming the sunlight with their song. The flowers blossoming to enfold the sunlight like the way she embraces me and I want her to let me go never.
I look outside the window and and thank goodness for this beautiful view, at the same time I look inside the room and feel blessed to have this view with me. I don’t know which view to appreciate more but when I look at the nature, it reminds me of her, it makes me long to see her but when I look at my muse, the nature, the world around me cease to exist and she becomes my world.


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