Three important songs

Music! For me music is a synonym of life. I wonder what this world would have been without music. Beauty is to eyes what music is to ears. There’s beauty in everything, one just needs the eyes to see, same goes with music. There’s music in everything, you just need the ears to listen.
There are days when I like to spend my time with nobody but music. I love every song I listen to but as I have to mention only three that too important songs… here’s what I have!

Je ne sais pas_Joyce Jonathon

It is a wonderful French song. I came across this song when I was forced to participate in a french singing competition.. yes forced!
I practiced all day and night. I was nervous. I was needed to grasp the accent and because I didn’t know the meaning of the lyrics I was unable to infuse feelings and vigour in that song. I tried, I tried hard. I tired to memorise the lyrics but only had four days time. The big day finally arrived. I was having the worst stage fear of my life. I held the mike, I looked at the audience and the judges and felt like leaving the stage then and there only. I was actually about to do that when the background music was played and I forgot everything. I could only see the mike in my hand and could only hear the music. I sang and I enjoyed singing it there. That’s when I realised it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the meaning of the songs, just enjoy the music. That’s what I did. Though I didn’t win but that was a remarkable day in my life.

1973_James Blunt

My favourite songs keep on changing but I never stop loving them. When I listened to this song for the first time, nostalgia hit me. We never realise that when we are spending time with someone, we are actually making memories, that’s what this song talks about. No matter if we’re old or changed or anything, memories always remain the same.
Whenever you replay a song it takes you straight to the moment where you heard it for the first time. There are so many moments in my past that I want to relive and that’s what these songs let you do, partially though!

Ishwar allah tere jahan mein_A. R. Rehman

This is a Hindi (Indian) song portraying the pain of innocent people suffering from wars. They are asking the Deity that why there isn’t any peace in this world when the world is made by you. Why there is war, border, racism, discrimination when we are all your creation, when this world is your divine creation.
It is literally an important song that everyone should listen to at least once.
The lyrics of this song are so powerful that they can make anybody question the occurrence of wars.


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