Eat Sleep Celebrate!

There is some sort of magic in a mother’s hand. Everything she cooks becomes the most delicious dish. I’m a foodie, I just love eating! My mother is a wonderful cook. She is the reason behind my weight.
I overeat almost everyday.
There are occasions when I strong my will to avoid mouth watering rich in fat food made by my mommy, but the way she asks me to have just one or a little, her maternal love showers upon me along with the food. How can I deny! and then, no one can eat just one!
I have so many tempting stories about my mom’s enticing kitchen but I’d rather choose another topic. It has no comparison in taste with my mother’s hand cooked food but there are extra toppings. 😉
The most special occasion where I get to eat everything of my choice is obviously my birthday, where we always have continental and Chinese as starters and Mughlai food for dinner.
But there is one more special occasion which I can literally call celebration. It’s not that I don’t like the way my birthday is celebrated every year. I love that! I wait for that day the whole year but I’ll be honest, there is something that I enjoy even more…. Eating with my cousin, Rash. With her it’s never about what we eat but how we eat. Rash’s family keeps going on business trips leaving her alone in her house. To accompany her in her lonely days, I stay with her. The stay remains limited to 3-4 days but that gives me a pleasure of nearly a half yearly vacation.
The only things we do during these days is doing all the prohibited shit and eating. I come from a very loving joint family. I hardly get any personal time. It’s not that I don’t love my family but everybody needs a change and my cousin’s occasionally solitary place is my idea of vacation.
Our celebration menu is very simple and sweet. She cooks pasta, I make grilled sandwich by frying some cottage cheese, onion, tomato and corns, then putting them between two slices of bread with mustard and mayo. Grill and done!
With that, some drinks and chips and we sums it all up with butterscotch scoops. Though we celebrate each day, each moment of my stay, but this is something we eat for sure to add to our exuberant and most awaited vacation.

I have cherished that food so very much because it’s not just about the taste of the food but the comfort of dining. Eat wherever or however you want. Put the dishes in sink whenever you want. You can be as lethargic as possible and there will be no controversy about it. Watch your favourite serials or movies, eat whatever you want and sleep however long you want.
I don’t get to enjoy such vacations now but I wish to have something like that soon.


Point of view

Refreshing weather with the sounds of children’s laughter and fun. Children’s voices are echoing all over the park. So many kids are playing around. Adam is walking hand in hand with his wife, Jennifer. He’s watching children playing baseball. When suddenly the ball hits a bench where an old lady is knitting a small red sweater.

Adam: The same colour. This red! How could I do that! How could I be so careless! Had I listened to Jenny that day, he would have been here with us. I wish she was at home. My little superhero would have been alive. I wish I could go back in time to make things right. I can never forgive myself, but I wish she does.
He looks at her. Tears streaming down his face. I would never let anyone go to that terrace again.

Jennifer: He was wearing the same sweater. I wish I had taken a day off that day rather than leaving all the responsibilities on Adam. I have to hide this pain. I can’t see Adam like this. He has changed completely. I miss my son, but I miss Adam more.
I think it’s time we should plan another baby. I hope he would be ready for this. She looks at him. I can’t see him in pain. “Adam, I’ve lost a baby. I don’t wanna lose you now.” Tears streaming down his face.

Old Lady: Good heavens! Why do these children play here!! I love to sit here but now this park has turned into a chaos.
Why is this gloomy couple looking at me like this! Tears streaming down his face.
O’ Lord! Is he sobbing?! I hope they’re not getting a divorce.
No.. he’s looking here and crying. I think I remind him of his mother. Actually he reminds me of my wicked son.
Anyway.. I should probably make another sweater like this in some other colour…

Death to Adverbs- An attempt!

Today when I heard about the cancellation of my class, I was delighted. My reason was different from many of my fellow classmates. I could hear the exciting plans echoing in the class but I had only one thing in mind. Reach the nearest Café!
I wound up my stuff refusing to all the proposals and moved towards the exit door. I was wondering where to head when this thought hit me. What else can be a better place than our own college’s cafĂ©! I’m a regular visitor of this cafĂ©, but today I’m here with a different approach. The usual place where I sit was not vacant. So, I took another table which was arrayed in a similar position. I picked my usual coffee and sat there. There are 12 round tables with 4 chairs each in here. A pile of chair is stowed at the end of the room.
I began writing when one of my classmate appeared and asked me if I had seen the latest movie. I denied and requested her if she could let me finish my assignments. To which she replied she had submitted them a week ago. I smiled and said, “I’m a bit lazy, you see”. She laughed and left after wishing me luck. I resumed my focus on the piece. Oh! The aroma of the Chinese sauces. I love the Chinese food of our canteen.

A group of girls are talking about the new handsome choreographer and their program which is scheduled for next month. I wonder why I haven’t seen him yet. He seems to be an eye tonic according to these girls. Some new girls are going to give the audition because of him. They lowered their voice when they caught me gazing at them. I think, I shouldn’t be ogling them like this. Anyway, I switched my attention to the other table.

This one is occupied by some studious fellows who are busy discussing something in their books.
I got distracted when I heard the word ‘adventure’ from the other table. They are planning to go on a field trip. These are the only three tables I got full access of from where I was sitting.

The bell rang and few students rushed to their classes. Oh! She left her notebook behind.
I bought myself an iced tea this time. With Iced tea there is no formality of drinking it before it gets cold.

I took a ten minutes break as my friends came and now I have to go with them.
I gulped my iced tea and left the café while she returns to get her notebook.

Our Perceptions

We were enjoying the beautiful evening sitting on a bench. Many old couples like us were also there, some were sitting others were walking. The park was alive but not as it used to be before. Something was missing.
“Remember that time?” I said while observing a kid playing alone with his ball.

“The time?” he managed a reply while looking at his phone.

“Yes, when we were kids. Everything was so exciting and new.” I said cheerfully.

“Things are still exciting, your perception must have gotten dull.. may be,” he said putting his phone aside.

“No, I’m not talking about us but I’m worried about the kids.”

“What is there to be worried about?” he asked dubiously.

I pointed at the young man playing alone with his ball. “Look at him! Earlier there used to be gangs of such kids and those gangs used to challenge each other for matches. This park used to be full of colours. Children all over playing with each other. There were outdoor games.”

“I understand what you’re trying to say, but why there is any need to worry?”

“Don’t you think that technology has taken over their childhood. What will be the condition of our future generation. These social networking sites have made them less social in actual.”

“No no.. You’re taking it all in a different manner,” he said. “Time has changed and kids have become more advanced. How can you expect them to be same as we were.”

“We had a life but.”

“So do they. It’s just that their life and mode of fun differs from us. There’s no big deal. You should be proud to see that this generation knows the usage of technology so well.”

“What about basic happiness,” I asked. “They don’t know how to find happiness in small little things. They cry if their playstation is not the latest, we used to cry if we couldn’t get the fancy stationary.”

“See, that’s what I’m talking about. The basic nature is same but demands have changed with time.”

“No outdoor game interests them,” I said.

“But they are all the masters of indoor games,” he replied and grinned.

“ha! call it inBox game instead,” I showed frustration.

“Come on..don’t be so judgemental. According to them we had no life and they are having the best days. In real all the times are good, it just needs the right attitude to mend ourselves according to what time has to offer us.”

I gave him a nod and continued looking at that kid…

A character-building experience

I guess unknowingly or knowingly, she built my character that day. I met her on my way back home.

I was perturbed about the things my brother said the day before. He was right in every sense but he doesn’t see where I’m standing. He just wants me to cross the bridge and reach the other side. His scrutiny was not enough for him to heed that I’m building the bridge and I need to build it strong to reach at a better place because there’s no coming back from that side. Once this bridge is made, it’s done. Therefore I need time. I was busy thinking about what to do with my life when she said, I think it’s gonna rain.
A luminous lady with a high bun, spects that magnified her winged eye liner. seems, I said. She saw some books in my hand. What are your plans for your future? She asked promptly.
Umm…I don’t know, I’m still thinking.. was my response. She gave me a wise look with a perceptive smile. I was once at that stage of life, she said, resting her glasses on top of her head. Her eyes were deep and bright. She was looking at me in a way like she could see me inside out. She recommenced, never think what others are saying but you certainly have to think what you desire. Yes..desire! Go for what you desire, what you dream of! Never go for anything that has been imposed on you by your well wishers. Their decision for you might turn out to be a good one but your decision for yourself will always be the best one. The only thing you need to take care of is, think before you decide!
I was astonished to see her talking like that. She was like an answer to all the misery I was facing right then.
She continued, I was broken from inside when I failed my exam. I was clueless about my future. I spent a whole month thinking about where to take my next step as stopping was not an option. I decided to take my failed step again and I took that step for six more times until I was able to get my right place. I succeeded after failing for six times and now I am doing my dream job.
I kept listening to her and her words were cleaning the mess away from my mind and creating a patent image. She filled my inner-self with much positivity and gratitude towards her.
As the train announced for the next station, she said, I’ll just sum it up all by saying, follow your dreams and you’ll be content with your life.

I shook hands with her and said, Thank you. She smiled. I said, I really mean it. I very well know that, she replied in a confident voice.
I didn’t ask her name. We didn’t exchange numbers but the positive enthusiasm that she filled me with that day played a significant role in my life. I’m glad we met.

A lost letter

Nothing is in place in this house, where is my file? he shouted.
Why do I always have to take care of everything. What am I, a machine or a human being?.. she shouted back and went to look for the file.
An envelope placed beside the holy figures caught her eyes. It was addressed to God.

Dear God, Please don’t make mommy and daddy fight. Make them best friends again. I’ll give you my Batman pencil if they won’t fight for a whole day.

She hand over the file to him along with the letter.
He looked into her eyes.
Day after tomorrow, she found a pencil beneath the cross.

Serially lost- Chapter I

She was working very hard for her final exams. She knew she was going to make her father proud. Her father had full confidence in her. She was his pride. This was the time for her to show what she was capable of. She had her goals set. Her life was taking a positive turn but she had no clue how a diversion would take her to a different path.
A new life was about to start. She was following the path to her goals until she met him.
He came in her life as an adventure that she always wanted to experience. He came in her life as cocaine, she knew she shouldn’t taste it but she could not resist.
That spring was golden. He came in her life very fast and she fell for him. He made her life spark. He did things that she could not even imagine anybody doing for her. He was her hero. He was her first touch, her first kiss, her first glass of wine, her first slow romantic dance, her first hand in hand walk in a chilly morning, he was her first love. He gave himself to her completely and in return he just wanted her time that she obviously didn’t hesitate to give at all. She gave him every second of her three crucial months. She forgot about her goals. Her aim was fading day by day. Her perseverance for her goals was nowhere to be seen. He was her only priority. She was madly in love with him and for her everything else ceased to exist.
Tomorrow was her exam, she was sweating with fear, and flicking through the pages of her books. She had forgotten almost everything and was trying hard to cover all the topics in one night. She might have done that but the phone rang and the apprehension was vanished. He was coming to pick her up after exam, that’s all she was concerned about.
She had gone entirely bonkers. She was not in her senses. She was under his spell until she saw her father’s wet eyes for the first time. The result was announced. She could not believe she had done this. She was realising everything, she was very well aware that it was only her fault.
Her father didn’t say a thing but he had lost all the confidence he had in her. She cursed herself but she didn’t know what else to do. All the doors were closed now. Her path was lost and all of the above her confidence was lost.

Three important songs

Music! For me music is a synonym of life. I wonder what this world would have been without music. Beauty is to eyes what music is to ears. There’s beauty in everything, one just needs the eyes to see, same goes with music. There’s music in everything, you just need the ears to listen.
There are days when I like to spend my time with nobody but music. I love every song I listen to but as I have to mention only three that too important songs… here’s what I have!

Je ne sais pas_Joyce Jonathon

It is a wonderful French song. I came across this song when I was forced to participate in a french singing competition.. yes forced!
I practiced all day and night. I was nervous. I was needed to grasp the accent and because I didn’t know the meaning of the lyrics I was unable to infuse feelings and vigour in that song. I tried, I tried hard. I tired to memorise the lyrics but only had four days time. The big day finally arrived. I was having the worst stage fear of my life. I held the mike, I looked at the audience and the judges and felt like leaving the stage then and there only. I was actually about to do that when the background music was played and I forgot everything. I could only see the mike in my hand and could only hear the music. I sang and I enjoyed singing it there. That’s when I realised it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the meaning of the songs, just enjoy the music. That’s what I did. Though I didn’t win but that was a remarkable day in my life.

1973_James Blunt

My favourite songs keep on changing but I never stop loving them. When I listened to this song for the first time, nostalgia hit me. We never realise that when we are spending time with someone, we are actually making memories, that’s what this song talks about. No matter if we’re old or changed or anything, memories always remain the same.
Whenever you replay a song it takes you straight to the moment where you heard it for the first time. There are so many moments in my past that I want to relive and that’s what these songs let you do, partially though!

Ishwar allah tere jahan mein_A. R. Rehman

This is a Hindi (Indian) song portraying the pain of innocent people suffering from wars. They are asking the Deity that why there isn’t any peace in this world when the world is made by you. Why there is war, border, racism, discrimination when we are all your creation, when this world is your divine creation.
It is literally an important song that everyone should listen to at least once.
The lyrics of this song are so powerful that they can make anybody question the occurrence of wars.

A room with a view

It’s 4:30 in the morning, I drew back the curtains. Oh the starry night! How beautiful it is to look at the sky, I wish this night never ends. I continue to enjoy the dark starry night turning into the crimson twilight sky and it feels amazing to watch the sunrise.
The sunlight beautifying the nature and making a way through trees into my room going straight to my bed, and there I see the most beautiful view ever!
The tense look she gave as the sunlight reaches her. No, I can’t let the sunlight do this and I have to block it’s way. Now, I look at her sleeping so peacefully. She is so vulnerable, so soft. Her red lips are complementing the red roses outside. Her innocence is dancing to the gentle tweets of birds. I look outside the window, the green trees dwelling these birds which are welcoming the sunlight with their song. The flowers blossoming to enfold the sunlight like the way she embraces me and I want her to let me go never.
I look outside the window and and thank goodness for this beautiful view, at the same time I look inside the room and feel blessed to have this view with me. I don’t know which view to appreciate more but when I look at the nature, it reminds me of her, it makes me long to see her but when I look at my muse, the nature, the world around me cease to exist and she becomes my world.