Death to Adverbs- An attempt!

Today when I heard about the cancellation of my class, I was delighted. My reason was different from many of my fellow classmates. I could hear the exciting plans echoing in the class but I had only one thing in mind. Reach the nearest Café!
I wound up my stuff refusing to all the proposals and moved towards the exit door. I was wondering where to head when this thought hit me. What else can be a better place than our own college’s café! I’m a regular visitor of this café, but today I’m here with a different approach. The usual place where I sit was not vacant. So, I took another table which was arrayed in a similar position. I picked my usual coffee and sat there. There are 12 round tables with 4 chairs each in here. A pile of chair is stowed at the end of the room.
I began writing when one of my classmate appeared and asked me if I had seen the latest movie. I denied and requested her if she could let me finish my assignments. To which she replied she had submitted them a week ago. I smiled and said, “I’m a bit lazy, you see”. She laughed and left after wishing me luck. I resumed my focus on the piece. Oh! The aroma of the Chinese sauces. I love the Chinese food of our canteen.

A group of girls are talking about the new handsome choreographer and their program which is scheduled for next month. I wonder why I haven’t seen him yet. He seems to be an eye tonic according to these girls. Some new girls are going to give the audition because of him. They lowered their voice when they caught me gazing at them. I think, I shouldn’t be ogling them like this. Anyway, I switched my attention to the other table.

This one is occupied by some studious fellows who are busy discussing something in their books.
I got distracted when I heard the word ‘adventure’ from the other table. They are planning to go on a field trip. These are the only three tables I got full access of from where I was sitting.

The bell rang and few students rushed to their classes. Oh! She left her notebook behind.
I bought myself an iced tea this time. With Iced tea there is no formality of drinking it before it gets cold.

I took a ten minutes break as my friends came and now I have to go with them.
I gulped my iced tea and left the café while she returns to get her notebook.