A Random Passerby

Yesterday, it was a pleasant day. My friend called me for a movie but I rather decided to take a walk on my own. I like to observe things and that can be done only when you’re in nobody’s company and yet the whole world accompanies you.
The world is populated, not only with people but with thoughts. Everyone’s world is populated with thoughts, desires, ambitions, worries, fear, madness, absurdities, dreams, emotions etc. We never know about the cluster of thoughts in the mind of the person sitting next to us in a restaurant, in a mall, in a library or be it any passerby. I sometimes wonder if I could sneak a peak at their thoughts.
There is a story in everything you see, you hear or you feel, and without even realizing you’re being a part of someone else’s story, maybe just as a fellow companion in a metro, as a traffic waiting for the lights to turn green, as a long queue waiting for your turn, as the only lighted window in a late night studying session, or may be as a cancelled reservation for someone’s last minute booking.
You never even get to know the epic story each random passerby is living. They are living a life as complex and vivid as we are. You might never get to see them again or even if you do, you might not recognize them but your role of a random passerby will always be there in their life story.
These thoughts perplex my mind even more. It disturbs me when these thoughts tell me that I might have hurt someone unknowingly because there are things that we have no control on. Then I start travelling in my mind back into the past to spot the moments of unintentional damage caused by me to others. But is it worth pondering? Can I change anything about it. I can certainly learn from it and prevent other such happenings. Thinking much about the past gives pain, we should always think about our future, dream about our future. Yes! That’s the ideal topic.

This is what I’ve been thinking about all night and penning it down was relaxing!

PS: This is my first piece of writing ever, and I was given only twenty minutes. I actually scribbled whatever popped up in my mind. You might encounter no link between one line and the other. Pardon me for that otherwise criticism is welcome.