Point of view

Refreshing weather with the sounds of children’s laughter and fun. Children’s voices are echoing all over the park. So many kids are playing around. Adam is walking hand in hand with his wife, Jennifer. He’s watching children playing baseball. When suddenly the ball hits a bench where an old lady is knitting a small red sweater.

Adam: The same colour. This red! How could I do that! How could I be so careless! Had I listened to Jenny that day, he would have been here with us. I wish she was at home. My little superhero would have been alive. I wish I could go back in time to make things right. I can never forgive myself, but I wish she does.
He looks at her. Tears streaming down his face. I would never let anyone go to that terrace again.

Jennifer: He was wearing the same sweater. I wish I had taken a day off that day rather than leaving all the responsibilities on Adam. I have to hide this pain. I can’t see Adam like this. He has changed completely. I miss my son, but I miss Adam more.
I think it’s time we should plan another baby. I hope he would be ready for this. She looks at him. I can’t see him in pain. “Adam, I’ve lost a baby. I don’t wanna lose you now.” Tears streaming down his face.

Old Lady: Good heavens! Why do these children play here!! I love to sit here but now this park has turned into a chaos.
Why is this gloomy couple looking at me like this! Tears streaming down his face.
O’ Lord! Is he sobbing?! I hope they’re not getting a divorce.
No.. he’s looking here and crying. I think I remind him of his mother. Actually he reminds me of my wicked son.
Anyway.. I should probably make another sweater like this in some other colour…