Eat Sleep Celebrate!

There is some sort of magic in a mother’s hand. Everything she cooks becomes the most delicious dish. I’m a foodie, I just love eating! My mother is a wonderful cook. She is the reason behind my weight.
I overeat almost everyday.
There are occasions when I strong my will to avoid mouth watering rich in fat food made by my mommy, but the way she asks me to have just one or a little, her maternal love showers upon me along with the food. How can I deny! and then, no one can eat just one!
I have so many tempting stories about my mom’s enticing kitchen but I’d rather choose another topic. It has no comparison in taste with my mother’s hand cooked food but there are extra toppings. 😉
The most special occasion where I get to eat everything of my choice is obviously my birthday, where we always have continental and Chinese as starters and Mughlai food for dinner.
But there is one more special occasion which I can literally call celebration. It’s not that I don’t like the way my birthday is celebrated every year. I love that! I wait for that day the whole year but I’ll be honest, there is something that I enjoy even more…. Eating with my cousin, Rash. With her it’s never about what we eat but how we eat. Rash’s family keeps going on business trips leaving her alone in her house. To accompany her in her lonely days, I stay with her. The stay remains limited to 3-4 days but that gives me a pleasure of nearly a half yearly vacation.
The only things we do during these days is doing all the prohibited shit and eating. I come from a very loving joint family. I hardly get any personal time. It’s not that I don’t love my family but everybody needs a change and my cousin’s occasionally solitary place is my idea of vacation.
Our celebration menu is very simple and sweet. She cooks pasta, I make grilled sandwich by frying some cottage cheese, onion, tomato and corns, then putting them between two slices of bread with mustard and mayo. Grill and done!
With that, some drinks and chips and we sums it all up with butterscotch scoops. Though we celebrate each day, each moment of my stay, but this is something we eat for sure to add to our exuberant and most awaited vacation.

I have cherished that food so very much because it’s not just about the taste of the food but the comfort of dining. Eat wherever or however you want. Put the dishes in sink whenever you want. You can be as lethargic as possible and there will be no controversy about it. Watch your favourite serials or movies, eat whatever you want and sleep however long you want.
I don’t get to enjoy such vacations now but I wish to have something like that soon.