A character-building experience

I guess unknowingly or knowingly, she built my character that day. I met her on my way back home.

I was perturbed about the things my brother said the day before. He was right in every sense but he doesn’t see where I’m standing. He just wants me to cross the bridge and reach the other side. His scrutiny was not enough for him to heed that I’m building the bridge and I need to build it strong to reach at a better place because there’s no coming back from that side. Once this bridge is made, it’s done. Therefore I need time. I was busy thinking about what to do with my life when she said, I think it’s gonna rain.
A luminous lady with a high bun, spects that magnified her winged eye liner.
Yeah..it seems, I said. She saw some books in my hand. What are your plans for your future? She asked promptly.
Umm…I don’t know, I’m still thinking.. was my response. She gave me a wise look with a perceptive smile. I was once at that stage of life, she said, resting her glasses on top of her head. Her eyes were deep and bright. She was looking at me in a way like she could see me inside out. She recommenced, never think what others are saying but you certainly have to think what you desire. Yes..desire! Go for what you desire, what you dream of! Never go for anything that has been imposed on you by your well wishers. Their decision for you might turn out to be a good one but your decision for yourself will always be the best one. The only thing you need to take care of is, think before you decide!
I was astonished to see her talking like that. She was like an answer to all the misery I was facing right then.
She continued, I was broken from inside when I failed my exam. I was clueless about my future. I spent a whole month thinking about where to take my next step as stopping was not an option. I decided to take my failed step again and I took that step for six more times until I was able to get my right place. I succeeded after failing for six times and now I am doing my dream job.
I kept listening to her and her words were cleaning the mess away from my mind and creating a patent image. She filled my inner-self with much positivity and gratitude towards her.
As the train announced for the next station, she said, I’ll just sum it up all by saying, follow your dreams and you’ll be content with your life.

I shook hands with her and said, Thank you. She smiled. I said, I really mean it. I very well know that, she replied in a confident voice.
I didn’t ask her name. We didn’t exchange numbers but the positive enthusiasm that she filled me with that day played a significant role in my life. I’m glad we met.