A lost letter

Nothing is in place in this house, where is my file? he shouted.
Why do I always have to take care of everything. What am I, a machine or a human being?.. she shouted back and went to look for the file.
An envelope placed beside the holy figures caught her eyes. It was addressed to God.

Dear God, Please don’t make mommy and daddy fight. Make them best friends again. I’ll give you my Batman pencil if they won’t fight for a whole day.

She hand over the file to him along with the letter.
He looked into her eyes.
Day after tomorrow, she found a pencil beneath the cross.


14 thoughts on “A lost letter

  1. I have goosebumps and a broad smile. You took this assignment to a new level. It’s brief and poignant. I admire your writing and your creativity. I can see the whole scene and feel it, too.


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